Chaser / Mark II / Cresta JZX90 / JZX100 Subframe Reinforcement Kit

SKU: 20-01-03-0004-99

A reinforced subframe ensures optimal alignment of suspension components, delivering a more responsive and controlled driving experience.

Designed with laser scanning and CNC laser cutting technology. Our kit provides a perfect fit and is engineered to reinforce critical areas prone to cracking under the abuse of drifting and racing applications.

- Designed with laser scanning and CNC laser cutting technology
- 20 piece kit is the most comprehensive on the market
- Made of 12 Ga high strength A1011 steel for easy welding and formability
- Dimple Died for strength in certain areas.
- Locks out OEM cam adjusters on both Toe and Camber. ** MUST USE ADJUSTABLE ARMS!!**
- Comprehensive fitting and welding instructions for easy installation

1992 - 1996 Toyota Mark II / Chaser / Cresta (JZX90 GX90) 
1996 - 2000 Toyota Mark II / Chaser / Cresta  (JZX100 GX100)
1995 - 2001 Toyota Crown ( S150 )

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