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GS300 / GS400 / Aristo JZS161 AK49 Drift Knuckles - SERIALNINE

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Angle King FAQs

I don't drift why do I need these?

The AK49 Steering Knuckle increases steering response and overall steering angle, this can create a much more sporting feel and increase driving enjoyment. We designed the AK49 in mind with it being the most streetable/trackable steering knuckle available on the market. Along with it adding necessary steering angle, the AK49's also act as a roll center adjuster which corrects suspension geometry and reduces bump steer which is inherent on moderately lowered to extremely lowered vehicles. This product is not only recommended for drifting as it can absolutely be enjoyed on a street car.

How much steering angle do these give me?

Using just these can get you around 49 degrees, Using these with our extended FLCA will get you around 54 degrees. This is all dependant on your wheel size/offset, tire size, front alignment settings, related suspension components etc..

Can I run just these or do I need other products?

On most applications, you will require a longer outer or inner tie rod in order to have a correct 0 toe alignment. We have this as a drop down selection to include in the order, to make it easier for all of our customers. We also recommend our JZX100/JZX90 customers to purchase IS300 Tension Arms as they provide more wheel clearance for steering angle compared to what comes on the vehicle stock. Additionally, we also now sell an adjustable Billet Front Tension Rod that provides the most possible clearance, allows for maximum adjustment.

Do I need to replace my lower ball joints when installing this product?

If your lower ball joints are in good shape then no you do not however this is a great opportunity to due so. We highly recommend replacing these ball joints with a high quality solution such as OEM Toyota/Lexus or 555 (OEM Comparable).

Should I use loctite when installing these?

No, you will not need to loctite any hardware. The bolts tightened to the correct torque spec is more than adequate and will not come loose. Make sure you inspect that the thread of the spindles are in good shape and the bolts thread in smoothly.

Do you make them for such and such chassis?

No, please email and let us know you are interested in products we do not currently make.