SERIALNINE's OEM+ Bushings - Beyond Rubber

Enhanced Control, Elevated Drive

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Are these bushings fine for daily use?

Yes, these polyurethane bushings are not too harsh for everyday street use. Polyurethane bushings balance enhanced handling with comfort, reducing suspension flex for sharper steering and better road feel. Their design absorbs vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride without the harshness associated with stiffer materials. This makes them perfect for improving vehicle responsiveness while keeping the ride enjoyable.

Do these bushings create any additional noise or vibration?

No, the bushings will not create any additional vibration, and will not create any additional noise upon installation.

Which bushings do you recommend changing first?

The #1 bushing we have always found to be failing on these cars is the tension rod bushings, they are usually very cracked and split, and allow the toe to drastically change under normal acceleration and braking . We highly recommend changing these right away.

How long will these bushing last

Our OEM+ Polyurethane bushings are expected to last the life of your vehicle under normal driving conditions.

Do they require any maintenance?

We suggest greasing the bushings every 4-5 years to prevent any noise or squeak.

Do you offer them in different stiffnesses?

No, we have found this to be perfect stiffness for direct movement while still providing a smooth ride. These bushings create the perfect balance between your standard street car and dedicated track car.

Are these bushings difficult to install?

Most bushings will require a bushing press tool, or a hydraulic press. Some of these bushings are able to be installed with standard tools. If you aren't comfortable with install, we recommend visiting your local mechanic.