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The CD-PRO advantage

The SERIALNINE CD-PRO adapter system, leveraging the strength and precision of a full bell housing design, ensures a seamless and robust connection between the engine and transmission.

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What defines install error?

"Install error" could refer to any mistake made during the process of installing components on a vehicle. This could include errors such as: Improper alignment, incorrect torque, damaged parts during installation, forgetting of components during installation, cross-threading bolts, or incorrect assembly. To avoid install errors during installation, it's essential to carefully follow SERIALNINE's instructions, use the correct tools and equipment, pay attention to torque specifications, and double-check all components for proper alignment and condition before finalizing the installation. If unsure, seeking guidance from experienced professionals or referring to reputable resources can help ensure a successful installation.

How low does the CD009 hang with your CD Pro ?

The CD-PRO system offers the smallest physical package for installing a CD009 into your car. Using our CD-PRO kit, the CD009 sits about 5mm below the frame rails on the IS300/JZX110 and 100 (higher or same as a 3" exhaust) We have had no issues on our JZX110 Blit and it is SUPER low. On the Aristo/GS it is higher than the framerails.

CD999 Shifter FAQs

Why am I having trouble shifting into 5th gear?

It is likely that your reverse lockout plate isn't adjusted correctly, please follow our video here for installation and correct adjustment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wIsBqyr5rk&t=1s&ab_channel=SERIALNINE
Also ensure that you do not have the lower rubber boot (coming off the gear selector shaft) installed as it interferes with the ability to get into 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears. If none of these options fix your 5th gear issue, unfortunately it's likely your transmission.

What parts need to be serviced?

The reverse lockout tab and bearing ball assembly are considered regular service interval items. They both last a very long time, however this depends on how the cars driven, what time of year it's driven, how often it's driven etc. These replacements components are available for purchase on our website. If you require any additional components, you can contact us at info@serialnine.com for more information.

I think i'm having an issue with my CD999 Shifter should I take it apart and repair it myself?

No, please do not take apart the main portion of the CD999 shifter as it can be very difficult to put back together without the correct tools. The replacement reverse lockout tab, and replacement lower bushings/bearing ball/linkage actuator can be installed by a customer relatively easily. If your shifter is needing additional service, we offer a full rebuild service for $150, this replaces every wear component and guarantees a fully operational shifter returned to you. You can contact us at info@serialnine.com if you're interested in this service.

CD009 Transmission FAQs

What year CD009 can I use with the CD-PRO?

Our CD-PRO adapter is compatible with ANY CD/JK transmission from 2001 ~ Current

What are the differences between the various years of CD transmissions?

Generalized, before 2006 had more issues with synchro wear. After 2006 had better synchros and after 2009 is the best version however the JK transmissions (370Z/G37) are larger and require more work to fit in. In summary we recommend anything after 2006. Nonetheless, the later transmission's are not stronger, they just shift better and are less prone to grinding.

Why is the CD009 a good transmission for my car?

The CD009 is a modern, high tech transmission designed to shift at high RPM, can take a lot of abuse and it can handle a lot of power. It shifts beautifully (especially with the CD999 shifter), and they're readily available both new or used for a decent price.

How reliable are CD009 transmissions?

The CD/JK transmissions are extremely reliable. After thorough testing with years and years of abuse, these transmissions have held up for us with no issues. Gerard currently has CD009's in both of his cars, a 600whp JZX100 Cresta, 350whp JZX110 Mark II Blit and previously his iconic 600whp JZS161 Aristo. Whereas Kevin currently has a CD001 in his 400whp SXE10 Altezza, and a CD009 transmission in his daily driver JZS171 Toyota Crown.

What final drive do I need for the CD009?

We recommend the 3.7 final drive. This was available in: MT IS300, MT JZX90/100 Tourer V, JZX110 ALL turbo (i-RV/VR25)

I heard that CD009 gearing "sucks"

People saying the "gearing sucks" are either uninformed, have never driven one or had the wrong final drive in it. The CD009 with a 3.7 final drive is very similar to an R154 with a 3.9 or 4.1 but you have one more gear as well as a more modern transmission. The CD has lower and closer 1/2/3 gears which is awesome for turbo spool and spirited driving. 3/4/5 on the R154 are almost identical to 4/5/6 on the CD so high speed and highway driving is essentially the same. Drifting is definitely different as lots of time is spent in 2nd or 3rd. The advantage is you don't have the huge jump from 2-3 of the R154. You can easily grab 3rd mid drift and keep the tires lit with a moderately quick spooling turbo.

I'm experiencing additional noise/heat, what can I do about this?

Any vehicle equipped with a dual-mass flywheel will experience more noise when replaced with a lightweight flywheel and paired with a high-performance clutch. These components use lightweight materials for improved response and reduced rotational mass. However, these materials can sometimes resonate more than heavier components, contributing to noise under certain conditions. The noise and heat can be dealt with by adding some heat shielding, a pollution boot, sound deadening and anything else that a stock car would have in place above the transmission.


Does your DS-PRO replace the Giubo?

The DS-PRO does not replace the Giubo as such . However it does go in its place as an adapter for a normal 1310/1350 U joint when converting to a 1 piece driveshaft.