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What is roll center?

Roll center is a theoretical point around which a vehicle's body rolls during cornering. It's crucial for vehicle stability and handling, as its position affects tire loading and suspension behavior. Properly adjusting roll center, especially in lowered cars, can reduce body roll, enhance grip, and improve overall cornering performance.

Why do i need to correct it?

Improper roll center adjustment can lead to several adverse effects on a vehicle's handling and stability. These include increased body roll, reduced tire contact with the road, and compromised steering response. Such issues not only deteriorate the vehicle's handling characteristics but also can cause uneven tire wear and put additional stress on suspension components, potentially leading to premature failure.

Are two piece style RCAs safe?

Yes, Two-piece style Roll Center Adjusters are safe when designed, installed, and used correctly. We take the utmost care in the quality of the materials along with the precision of the engineering and machining. Proper installation is crucial along with ensuring they are correctly fitted and torqued. You might have heard of bolts breaking on bolt on other brands of RCAs? We can confidently say with our product that simply won't happen as we supply the highest quality hardware possible. Routine inspections are also recommended to check for wear and proper bolt torque.

Do you offer the RCAs in different heights?

No, we only offer them in 35mm height. We found this is the most usable height for this component and we recommend shortening your uprights/spindles the same amount as this to keep suspension geometry square.

Do I need to replace my lower ball joints when installing this product?

If your lower ball joints are in good shape then no you do not however this is a great opportunity to due so. We highly recommend replacing these ball joints with a high quality solution such as OEM Toyota/Lexus or 555 (OEM Comparable).

Should I use loctite when installing these?

No, you will not need to loctite any hardware. The bolts tightened to the correct torque spec is more than adequate and will not come loose. Make sure you inspect that the thread of the spindles are in good shape and the bolts thread in smoothly.