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Differential Bushing FAQs

What is Delrin?

Delrin is a high-performance acetal resin with several desirable physical and mechanical properties. This highly engineered thermoplastic is widely regarded for its durability, stiffness, and exceptional dimensional stability. Attributes include High strength and stiffness properties, Superior dimensional stability, Low moisture absorption, Excellent impact and creep resistance, Chemical resistance to fuels and solvents, Exceptional wear and abrasion properties

I'm scared of the Delrin should I get polyurethane bushing instead?

While the Delrin is as stiff and durable as aluminum, it has extremely good noise insulating capabilities. The drawbacks of polyurethane differential bushings don't outweigh the benefits of delrin differential bushings.

Will these make my car too loud/harsh?

No, though it is much firmer than rubber, their Delrin design ensures efficient power delivery without significantly increasing harshness, offering a direct feel and improved vehicle dynamics. This is particularly during acceleration and cornering, for a performance-focused driving experience.

Subframe Bushing FAQs

How long will these bushing last?

Our solid aluminum/delrin bushings are expected to outlast the life of your car.

Will these make my car too loud/harsh?

Though significantly firmer than the OEM rubber, the Aluminum construction of the bushings ensures efficient power delivery without significantly increasing noise or harshness. They will only benefit the overall drivability of the car and will negligibly affect noise and harshness.

Engine Mount FAQs

What is the difference between the Street & Track options?

The Street option utilizes 72a durometer bushings and is recommended for majority of our customers as it can be used on daily drivers all the way up to dedicated track cars.

The Track option utilizes 87 durometer bushings and is recommended for high horsepower cars and completely dedicated track cars needing little to no engine movement.

Keep in mind, these engines being inline 6's run very smooth and can afford to use a stiffer engine mount without increasing much vibration or discomfort.

Do I need additional hardware for installation?

No, you will not need any additional hardware for installing these products. We designed them to be the most direct fit as possible. Additionally, the factory supplied hardware is much better than what you would find at a general hardware store or supplier.