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SERIAL999 arms utilize 3D scanning, 5-axis CNC machining, and rigorous testing, offering unmatched precision, strength, and performance with aerospace-grade aluminum for superior suspension solutions.


What defines install error?

"Install error" could refer to any mistake made during the process of installing components on a vehicle. This could include errors such as: Improper alignment, incorrect torque, damaged parts during installation, forgetting of components during installation, cross-threading bolts, or incorrect assembly. To avoid install errors during installation, it's essential to carefully follow SERIALNINE's instructions, use the correct tools and equipment, pay attention to torque specifications, and double-check all components for proper alignment and condition before finalizing the installation. If unsure, seeking guidance from experienced professionals or referring to reputable resources can help ensure a successful installation.

Why are your arms aluminum now?

CNC-machined billet aluminum suspension components offer superior strength, precision, and weight reduction compared to hand-fabricated steel. This manufacturing process ensures consistent quality and performance enhancement, optimizing durability and handling for automotive applications.

Are the arms sold as a pair?

Yes, All of our arms are sold as a PAIR.

What the difference between ONI and SPORT?

The ONI arms are designed to always be shorter that stock. This means that even at their fully extended length you will still have negative camber. The Sport arms are designed to be able to go slightly longer than stock allowing you to zero out your camber for drifting or any other reason. The SPORT arms will still go shorter than stock and allow you to have some negative camber just not to the extreme degree that the ONI control arms would allow.

How do i adjust my arms?

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How much camber will these arms give me?

The achievable camber is dependent on many factors such as ride height, and other alignment settings. The position of your lower cam bolt, Are your spindles shortened? The location and type of shortening.

What torque should I tighten the jam nuts to?

The recommended torque for jam nuts on our control arms is roughly 150lb/ft. (As tight as possible) This is necessary to ensure the adjuster do not come loose from movement/vibrations. The best tool for the job is a low profile 15/16" angled head open ended wrench as it will provide you with the most clearance for tightening. Tighten these as tight as possible. Routine inspections are also recommended to check for wear and proper jsm nut torque.

How long do the rod ends last

The rod ends generally last 5 to 7 years depending on the environment the vehicle is driven in, how often and how the vehicle is driven.

How long will the ball joint last?

The ball joints generally last 4 to 10 years years depending on the environment the vehicle is driven in, how often and how the vehicle is driven.

How do I know if I need shortened spindles/uprights?

We recommend shortened spindles/uprights on moderately to extremely low vehicles. Generally vehicles lowered 2.5" or more will likely experience issues without the spindles being shortened. Shortening your spindles will create the additional needed clearance between the Front Upper Control Arms and your upper wheel well, along with correcting your suspension geometry to react more like it should from factory. We would recommend shortening them 35mm, always using a robust jig and done by a professional welder.

I'm hearing a noise from around one of the wheels what should I do?

You will need to stop driving,raise the car and remove the wheel to inspect and make sure nothing is loose ASAP. First you should check that jam nuts are tight if not, thread everything back together and tighten your jam nut, this is a good time to make sure your remaining jam nuts are tight. If they are move on the inspecting the ball joint nut and then 2 bolts holding the rod end into your car.

Everything is tight but my rod end is making noise?

It's likely that one of the rod ends on your control arm is worn. A temporary fix would be to spray it with lubricant like WD40, however the long term solution is to replace it with another rod end available on our website. These are considered a wear item and eventually do need replacement once play is apparent.

What do I do if my control arm has come apart?

This is due to the jam nut not being tight enough and the rod end backing out of the adjuster assembly. At its most extreme this can cause the arm to come loose from the car.

If the the rod end and adjuter are still threaded together you can just thread everything back together and tighten your jam nut this is a good time to make sure your remaining jam nut are tight.

If the rod end has separated from the adjuter you will need to make sure to inspect the rod end threads, adjuster threads, and to ensure all of the components (jam nut, tapered washer, adjuster) are all there before reassembly. If you still have all of the components and everything appears to be in good condition, it can be as simple as threading the assembly back together. Please ensure the jam nut is torqued to 150lb/ft (as tight as possible) and that there is enough thread engagement within the adjuster assembly.

What happens if I damage an arm or get in an accident?

We're sorry to hear that happened! Please feel free to reach out to us over email at, provide us with some pictures, and we will do what we can to help you. We can sell you replacement components and replacement main arm components, whatever helps you get your car back functional.