The beginning of serialnine

In the early 2000s, Gerard De Peralta set the foundation for what would become a pivotal force in North American sedan drifting—SERIALNINE. Inspired by a passion for older Japanese sedans and a vision to blend performance with style, Gerard started SERIALNINE in his garage. It wasn't long before Kevin, whose dedication and innovative mindset matched Gerard's, joined the journey, propelling SERIALNINE to new heights. Together, they focused on developing high-quality, precision-engineered suspension and body modifications. Over the years, SERIALNINE has not only redefined sedan performance but has also fostered a strong community of enthusiasts. Through their leadership, SERIALNINE has significantly impacted the drifting scene, inspiring a generation to push the boundaries of what's possible with their vehicles.

Previous serialnine cars

Gerard's X8 Cressida

Circa 2008. An icon in the PNW, Gerard's X8 had a 450hp 1.5J engine with a borg warner turbo, twin wastegates, custom fabricated everything, and full AN fittings. backed by a V160 6 speed trans through an HKS clutch. This is the car that started SERIALNINE's journey into RWD Toyota performance.

Kevins X7 cressida

Circa 2008. Kevin's X7 was ahead of its time with a 1JZ swap, v mount setup, custom 5 bolt swap, SERIALNINE/STANCE coilovers and a full cage.