Chaser / Mark II / Cresta JZX90 / JZX100 Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings

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Upgrade your ride with SERIALNINE's OEM Plus Polyurethane Bushings, a superior alternative to stock rubber bushings. These high-quality polyurethane replacements offer enhanced durability, improved handling, and increased responsiveness. Experience a noticeable difference in ride quality and performance, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak with every turn.

- JZX Rear Upper Arm Bushings
- Replaces OEM Bushings in the Rear Upper Control Arm 
- Available in 87 Series Hardness
- Sold in packs of 4
- Bonded Zinc plated steel shell

4x Rear Upper Arm Bushings

Fits in the Rear Upper Arm on the following cars 

1992 - 1996 Toyota Mark II / Chaser / Cresta (JZX90 GX90) 
1996 - 2000 Toyota Mark II / Chaser / Cresta  (JZX100 GX100)

 OEM: 48770-22030; 48770-22040; 48770-22050; 48770-30010; 48790-22030; 48790-22040; 48790-22050; 48790-30010

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