BRAND NEW OEM JK41A 6MT Manual Transmission CD009

SKU: 10-32010-JK41A

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The JK41a manual transmission is the latest OEM updated transmission available from Nissan for the 350z/370z and G35/G37. The New OEM 6MT Manual Transmission will eliminate issues with soft synchronizers and grinding shifts. This current version has the same build components as the CD009 / CD00A with triple cone synchros used on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear and double cone synchros on 4th gear. This is vastly improved over its predecessors, the CD008, CD005, CD003, and CD000 which are known for early synchro failure. If you're having issues with grinding shifts from failed synchro's this is the transmission you want to use to replace it.

-We are now offering Bellhousing cutting and CD-Pro install for an additional $250, along with the purchase of our CD-Pro Bellhousing within the same purchase. 

-Lead time for this transmission would be roughly 10 days before shipment.


JK41a manual transmission only 
CD Pro and CD999 Sold Seperate 

Limited only by your imagination 

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