Clutch Pedal Stop

SKU: 76-01-99-0001-11


The SERIALNINE clutch pedal stop allows you to adjust the stopping point of the clutch pedal travel. Installing the clutch pedal stop gives you the ability to adjust all three aspects of your clutch pedal travel:

High point stop (how high the pedal sits at rest ) Factory Adjustable 

Engagement point (where in the travel the clutch engages) Factory Adjustable

End stop (the distance from fully depressed to the engagement point)  Adjustable with this product 

-Helpful when using high performance clutches with a shorter engagement window
-Less overall travel makes shifts and clutch kicks quicker.
-Allows for better modulation by lessening full leg movement
-Available in 7 different anodized colors
-Fully adjustable to fit most cars
-Replaceable 3D printed stopper pad to prevent ruining the carpet
-Slot is 7.5mm Wide

Will work on cars with a clutch pedal of 7.5 mm or narrower 

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