If you follow SERIALNINE I assume you've seen the 8 bit ARCADIA font and little characters popping up here and there.

You might be wondering "What the hell is this ARCADIA business?" Well let me explain it: SERIALNINE is very brand oriented, we have various types of products and each one has its own brand under the umbrella of SERIALNINE. We feel this makes it easer to differentiate the different lines of products as each one has its own logo and identity.

For example our solid bushings are called "RIGID" We wanted a name and logo that exemplified strength and a solid connection from the driver to the car.

Our wide fenders are named "BREED"

This is actually a Dutch word for "wide" and the logo is wide and

low to represent the stance of the car when you install our widebody.

The rest of our product lines are also similarly thought out, with an emphasis on cool logos that people would easily recognize and be proud to represent through stickers on their car or within liveries they've created

Last year we launched our first limited steering wheel. In collaboration with Renown USA we released the "No Mercy" steering wheel. Along with the the steering wheels we did a giveaway of three of our unobtainable GREEN SK3 knobs, dropped some unique, high quality T shirts and some cool chrome stickers. The "No Mercy" moniker was short for "No Mercy for peasants" A brash and aggressive statement that we've always thrown around representing a distaste for less than top notch performance. This represents cheap quality products, imitation items, substandard builds, and just general aspects that aren't "KING" level behavior. IE "that mismatched camber is peasant" This statement was visualized by a silhouette of a Sabre Tooth Tiger skull with the massive teeth front and center. Needless to say it was very audacious but an instant hit with all 100 numbered steering wheels selling out in 72 hours.

For our next steering wheel we wanted something more playful and light. I designed a few different ideas and showed them a few designs. They instantly took to the video game' esque SERIALNINE logo and little monsters I had on one of the designs. So we went ahead with the concept and of course had to come up with a name! We conjured up the concept of an alternative universe and the steering wheel as the key to get there, threw around 20 or so names and the team (every employee at SERIALNINE) rated them from 1-10 on a likeness scale.

We had some crazy names, all very techno and space sounding but all settled on "Arcadia" Around this time (early 2022) AI started coming up and we thought what a cool way to generate some aspects of the arcadia concept! We fed our criteria into ChatGPT and it came up with an amazing story for which we tweaked to perfection. We then fed Midjourney some prompts and it came up with a few images and thus, ARCADIA was born!

We finalized the steering wheel designs with a couple of cool colorways, playful chasing monsters on the back and of course the 8Bit style blocky logos and characters on the front as well. The box artwork is really cool as everything is 80's spec with everything looking old and like a toy box from the era. There are also some really SPECIAL aspects to the box that you'll have to look hard to find. ;)

From there we wanted to have a bit of a merch line to accompany the steering wheels so we have Puffy embroidered hats, flags and really cool high quality T-shirts as well!

We're doing a really special giveaway for the ARCADIA line where you can win a bunch of stuff!

We're giving away 1 of each style of the steering wheels. (4 wheels total) Any ARCADIA merch purchase gets you X amount of entries to win the Steering wheels. We have 4 matching custom

anodized 1 of 1 SK3 knobs to accompany your new ARCADIA steering wheel! **add details here**

The entire ARCADIA line is in stock and ready to ship. If you want to see the stuff IRL we will have a booth at Wekfest Seattle in June 11th with 6 of our cars representing SERIALNINE style! Come by and say hi! Mention the Blog post and get a free sticker! So there you have it, the full explanation of ARCADIA and a bit of insight into SERIALNINE branding in general. Hope you enjoyed the read!