We are a progressive Manufacturing Company that has it's roots in the 90's. Choosing the Toyota Cressida as our first platform was a natural choice, more style, bigger than most current drift cars, with more doors and huge potential. We've always had our individual SERIALNINE style, a little lower then necessary, a little more lip and a lot more detail than most will ever see. This philosophy is most obvious with our cars but is clear when you see our parts as well.

Seeing the popularity of sedan drifting in Japan SERIALNINE produced the first set of coilovers for the MX83 chassis. Right away the quality of the SERIALNINE products was realized, not only were they the only coilovers on the market, but they also featured high level race technologies. Soon we began to release new parts for this chassis such as solid subframe bushings, RCAs and even Aero.

The SERIALNINE cars pioneered sedan drifting in North America with their aggressive looks, extravagant driving style and a unique overall package, something that had only been seen in Japan via internet and magazines. We have always been ahead of current trends, with deep history and study of REAL Japanese and Thai trends and culture, with influences from VIP cars to Drift cars to Superlap cars and everything in between.

SERIALNINE has now stepped up to provide high quality, cutting edge racing and styling parts to the Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/ Infinity and BMW brands, so now you can express your own individual style, build your own craziness, and stand out from the crowd.

This is the simple philosophy behind SERIALNINE, we make parts that work properly, and look amazing doing their job. We fully stand behind every product we sell, and nothing gets sold with out vigorous testing. There are many other companies that will jump on the Sedan bandwagon, but SERIALNINE is and always will be the first, and best.

Gerard de Peralta
Kevin Petersen